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About Key Allegro


Our community is located on a 20 acre parcel on US Hwy 98 at the southeast corner of Keller Rd. Our entrance is located right at the mile marker 54 sign on US 98.  Built in an old  pecan orchard, we are currently at capacity 85 homes.

 One of the first questions often asked about our community is "Do you have a pool & club house"?  The simple answer is No we don't. Here's why.  The city of Fairhope is home to a very nice recreational center and both indoor/outdoor municipal pools.  Our residents can get a couples yearly membership for approximately $500.  The City of Fairhope Recreation Center is located at 803 North Greeno Road.  In addition to the pools, the facility houses a fitness room, a spin room, two regulation size gyms, a racquetball court, an indoor walking track and an activity room. The Recreation Center also has a sauna, dressing facilities, a nursery and offers a wide variety of fitness classes.  You can find out more about the Fairhope facility at this link:  


As for the club house, again the answer is no.  Every home in the community has screened Florida rooms where neighbors can get together, play cards, enjoy a cocktail, or just sit and talk.

While we understand the convenience of these amenities inside the community, we feel these options allow us to keep our rents lower and thus gives our residents the freedom to choose what amenities they want to pay for.  

Onsite our residents can jump right on the Eastern Shore Trail that runs from the Fish River bridge all the way to Daphne, nearly 25 miles.  The trail runs across the front of the property.


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